About D A Latham 

After spending many years as a salon owner and hairdresser, I came into writing a little later than some. After A Very Corporate Affair became a best-seller, I sold my salons and moved to Sussex to write full-time.

Dawn McHohon

My Interests

I love to travel, particularly around the Caribbean islands. I plan to go more regularly now that I’m not tied to a salon. 

I’m married to the wonderful Allan, who I’ve been with for 23 years now – although we only got around to marrying last year. Together, we have two Persian cats, as well as two Malti-chon pups (Maltese/Bichon Crosses). 

In my spare time, I love to cook, read, go shopping, and keep up to date with current affairs. My favourite hobby is people-watching, which I do wherever and whenever I can.

A Book for Salon Success

I have also written a nonfiction book: Salon Success for Stylists, Therapists, and Nail Techs

“Have you ever wondered how those busy, successful salon professionals got to where they are? This short, concise book will tell you all the traits and habits of those uber-stylists, therapists, and nail technicians. It will show you exactly the steps you need to take to join them, and explode your salon income. There are no quick fixes, no gimmicks – just proven, straight-to-the-point advice.  Find out where you’ve been going wrong, and how to set yourself on the path to being the most in-demand professional in your salon.” Available now on Amazon

D.A Latham | Salon Success