A Very Corporate Affair

D.A Latham | Climbing The Ladder

The first of a series following the story of Elle Reynolds, a focused and disciplined young woman, who is determined to escape her poverty stricken background by hard work and integrity alone. Her path is crossed by two wealthy, powerful men, both of whom wish to possess her, but both have dark secrets.

Please note that this book contains adult content and language.

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Elle Reynold's progress up the corporate ladder continues, aided by the wealthy, powerful men who are each desperate to possess her. Both tried to buy her, now one attempts a different approach, which leads to explosive consequences. No sooner has the dust settled, when Elle is faced with the biggest challenge of her life, one for which no amount of legal training could have possibly prepared her. Please note that this book follows on from A Very Corporate Affair Book 1, and contains adult content and language.

D.A Latham | Lords and Commoners

The third part of the 'Corporate Affair' series. Following the shock kidnapping of her Russian lover, Elle is plunged into a world she's totally unprepared for. With three other men circling, she has some tough decisions. Should she choose a life of safety and comfort? or follow her heart?

Contains adult language and scenes. Books 1 and 2 should be read first.

Ivan Porenski is an Oligarch, one of the super-rich Russians who reside in London. He lives a life of excess and luxury, and he's also a player. Gorgeously handsome, immaculately groomed, and sexily charming, women fall at his feet. Haunted by a less than savoury past, and the guilt over his parent's deaths, he keeps people at arm's length. Rather than face up to his own demons, he surrounds himself with impenetrable security, while he protects his heart with a wall of ice. When he meets Elle Reynolds, a young lawyer, he's immediately reminded of the only girl he ever loved, who he abandoned to her fate when he fled Russia. The problem with Elle, is that an even wealthier man, his banker, is also pursuing her. Competing with a cultured member of the British Aristocracy is difficult for even the wealthiest of foreigners, let alone one carrying around dark secrets, and a chequered history. Part of the 'A Very Corporate Affair' story, Ivan reveals his side of events, and carries on with the story. Contains adult language and scenes. Books 1-3 should be read first.

D.A Latham | Breaking the Bank

A continuation of the story of Elle, Ivan and Oscar as they tackle the thorny issues of business, love and marriage. One night, one person and one secret sets off an explosive chain of events, ones so serious that there's no coming back. What exactly will it cost to cover up the crimes that threaten to ruin them all?

When you're a billionaire, who exactly can you trust when the sharks start circling and you've already hurt those you love?

Can you truly lose everything in just one night?
"We value the things that cost us most dear."
They'll find out exactly how strong the girl from South London can be...